How to Prevent a Mechanical Watch from Damage

The most difficult part for Watch Lovers is to keep their collection of watches in top shape. The worst enemies of a watch are dirt, dust and moisture. There are more to the list like a shock and extreme temperatures too. When a timepiece is damaged, the repairs can be very expensive and takes a long time to get it done. That is why, it is important to keep the watch in good shape and avoid damaging the watch.
There are some factors that are not so obvious but are very common things that could cause damage to the watch. The below factors are those common things and you can prevent them by following the tips below.
Adjusting the watch functions at the wrong time
Mechanical watches are small wonders and are made to function precisely. When you invest a lot of money to buy your favourite watch, it is also necessary to take care of the watch. Do not forget to spend some time reading the instruction manual.
Every movement in the watch has its own guidelines. It is important to not make any adjustments to the date, day of the week or any other minor adjustments when the watch reads a time between 9:00 PM and 3:00 AM. This is because the gears in the watch that make changes in the date, day, etc., get engaged a bit earlier and for it to get disengaged will also take some time. If changes are made during this time, there will be misalignment of date and could result in broken components that would float in the movement.
Tips for Prevention: Read through the manual to know the correct way of adjusting time for that specific watch. Another rule is to make adjustment by first bringing the hour hand of the watch to the lower half of the dial and then, make the necessary adjustments.
Cross Threading the Crown on the Watch
The crown on the watch is commonly seen on sports watches. This screw-down crown helps in keeping the stem secure in the sealing gasket. After the screw-down crown is used for winding or setting the watch, it is important to screw the crown back to its place correctly. If the crown is not screwed properly and is out of alignment, it could cause permanent damage to the watch as the threads of the tube and the crown might cross.
Tips for Prevention: Make sure that the crown is screwed back into place. Take care and take your own time. While the crown is screwed back in, it should rotate up to three turns or at least 1.5 full turns. If the crown stops rotating, then stop and do not force it. Unscrew and try again till it fits well.
Do not force or push anything on your watch. Each watch is unique and do not try anything until you are comfortable. In the case of the crown, do not screw it so tightly as it will not be possible to unscrew it again.
Use of Chronograph underwater
Sometimes people do things that are unbelievable. Chronographs are water-resistant to some extent and they can hold water from entering the watch in a normal position. But in most of the cases, the seal is compromised and water enters the watch causing huge damage. As the parts of the watch are minute and made of metal, they rust so quickly. This could lead to a huge amount being spent on repair and sometimes, the repair cost becomes higher than the cost of the watch.
Tips for Prevention: While underwater, do not use chronographs.
Not Using the Recessed Pushers Properly
Many expensive watches have Recessed pushers in their system for controlling the adjustments of date, day, month, year and even moon phase. By pressing the pusher and letting it come back to its position can advance a day and so on. If the pusher is not pushed in the correct manner, it could lead to a costly repair.
Tips for Prevention: Push the Pusher completely and let it come back to its original position.
If the watch is kept near magnets, there are high chances that the magnetic fields might get transferred to the small parts of the watch. This might lead to an erratic behaviour in the watch like gaining or losing few seconds or minutes a day.

Tips for Prevention of watches by Twisted Time : Be careful about where you place your watch. It should be kept away from stereo speakers and other electronic devices that has magnets in them.